BlueStar Nutraceuticals Blade

How does Blade work as a Fat Burner?

  • Help suppress your appetite
  • 24 hour fat burning
  • Not tested on animals

The first and most important step in an effective fat-burning process is to attack the fat cells and release them into the bloodstream as free fatty acids. This step lipolysis is an ongoing occurrence, but only at a limited rate. That rate can be increased with the presence of norepinephrine. Blade produces a long-lasting, concentrated presence of norepinephrine, which means your first and most-important step in the fat-burning process is already taken care of for you.

Releasing free fatty acids into your bloodstream is a great first step, but Blade doesn't stop there. Your muscle's mitochondria are the primary location of effective fat burning. If your fat doesn't make it to the mitochondria, it doesn't stand a chance of being burned away. Blade chauffeurs your fat to the mitochondria, ensuring that it's not just released within your body but that it's actually burned away for good.

Blade also helps prevent new fat from showing up. "Adipogenesis" is the fancy word for fat cell development. The key to quality fat loss is adipogenesis suppression. And that's exactly what Blade does. By inhibiting the enzymes that allow fat to accumulate, Blade significantly restricts your body's willingness to form new fat cells.

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