Sweet Sweat Jar - Coconut

Product Details:

Made with organic virgin coconut oil, Sweet Sweat with Coconut offers all the benefits of the original plus the delicious aroma and moisturizing properties of Coconut.

Sweet Sweat greatly enhances and accelerates the sweating process during vigorous exercise. Apply it to the skin right before exercise and with your elevated heart rate Sweet Sweat will begin to activate, producing an increase in circulation and sweat to all areas applied. It can be used on its own or with "Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer" for best results.

  • 13.5 oz (383 G)
  • Targets "Slow To Respond" Problem Areas
  • Substantially Improves Circulation and Sweating
  • Accelerates Warm-up & Recovery time
  • Fights muscle fatigue and painful injuries, such as shin splints, pulls, and strains
  • Natural Coconut Aroma from USDA Organic Coconuts

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